Hormone Replacement Therapy

Keeping your hormone levels balanced as you age improves your overall health and limits your risk of developing serious diseases. The doctors at Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates P.A. provide hormone replacement therapy to treat natural hormone fluctuations that occur later in women’s lives, usually during menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

When you go through menopause, the levels of certain hormones in your body fluctuate and often cause troublesome symptoms like stress, sleep difficulty, vaginal dryness, or hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy is an innovative treatment that addresses your imbalanced hormone levels during menopause.

First, your doctor talks with you about your menopausal symptoms and your medical history, and screens for other issues as needed. Then they recommend the best treatment for you. At Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates P.A., the doctors have two ways to offer you hormone replacement therapy.

One method is pellet therapy. In this treatment, your doctor uses BioTE® hormone pellets, which are small implants that contain hormones customized for your health needs. In a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes, your doctor inserts pellets into your hip area. The pellets gradually release hormones into your body to rebalance those fluctuating hormone levels.

Within 7-10 days treatment beings to work, and you should be back to your normal routine. The effects of the pellets last 3-6 months and vary depending on your body’s reaction and your condition. Your doctor will monitor your progress and recommend when you need further treatment.

Other hormone treatment methods are available, including oral, transdermal, and injectable. Together, you and your provider come up with an individualized treatment plan that works best for you and is likely to give you optimal results.

Yes, generally hormone replacement therapy is safe. Side effects are typically rare and very minimal. However, in some women, hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of conditions like:

  • Breast cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

When you meet with one of the health care professionals at Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates P.A., the doctor evaluates your medical history and asks you questions about your lifestyle. This help the doctor determine whether hormone replacement therapy is safe for treating your hormone imbalance.

Also, during treatment, your provider maintains regular visits with you to monitor your body’s reaction to hormone replacement therapy. The doctor adjusts your dosage and detects any early signs of complication, when it’s easier to address.

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