When you’re thinking of having a baby, finding the best care before, during, and after your pregnancy is an essential first step. The skilled doctors at Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates, PA in Beaumont, Texas provide premium obstetrics care for parents at all stages of their pregnancy.

Obstetrics Q & A

Obstetrics focuses on pregnant women and their babies. In this specialty field, a doctor has additional, intensive training focused on the prenatal health of the baby, the mother and baby’s health during delivery, and the postnatal care of the mother during her recovery.

These specialized doctors are also trained to manage difficult births or complications that may arise during pregnancy, birth, or after delivery.

Many physicians are OB/GYNs, which means they specialize in both obstetrics and gynecology. Generally speaking, gynecology refers to the treatment of any disease or disorder associated with the female reproductive system.

Prenatal care plays a vital role in keeping you and your baby as healthy as possible. These visits allow your doctor to follow the progress of your baby’s development, monitor your health throughout your pregnancy, and ensure that you’re ready for a healthy delivery.

Your experienced obstetrician at Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates, PA can also work with you to identify vaccinations you should receive, or note any risk factors associated with your pregnancy.

During your visits, your doctor provides you with a brief overview of your pregnancy timeline, shares information on the pregnancy process, and acts as a trusted partner, guiding you every step of the way.  

When you’re pregnant, your first obstetrics appointment is usually the most thorough.

During this exam, your doctor conducts a complete physical examination including blood work, Pap smear, tests for sexually-transmitted diseases, and pelvic exam. Depending on your health and family history, your doctor may recommend additional testing.

After your first prenatal appointment, your doctor will recommend regular visits every four weeks until you reach 28 weeks. Then, your visits will occur every two weeks until you reach 36 weeks, and finally once a week until your delivery.

During each of your follow-up exams, your doctor will evaluate your:

  • Weight and blood pressure
  • Uterus size to track your baby’s growth
  • Ankles for signs of swelling
  • Urine for sugar, an indication of gestational diabetes

Your doctor will also check the heartbeat of your baby using a Doppler ultrasound device. At least one ultrasound happens during your pregnancy. This technology creates an image of your baby using soundwaves.

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